Dear Customers:-

We have received some questions concerning staining, pitting or rusting in stainless steel instruments. So, we took great honor and pleasure in guiding our respected follows:-

1).Rinse the instruments as soon as possible after use to remover blood and serum.

2). Dry the instruments after cleaning or before wrapping and storing, if not so, moisture left can cause rust and corrosion.

3). Do not leave instruments in cold sterilization solution for a long period, as the solution may lead the instruments to be corrosive.

4). Never use caustic cleaners, use those specified for cleaning surgical instruments.

5). Avoid cleaning instruments with steel wool, if want to clean with hand, use detergent soap and as soft brush and finally treat with distilled water.

6). you should check your autoclave, Iron, calcium, sodium or copper in water can cause rusting, staining or corrosion.

7). Leaving of instruments for a long time in the following solutions can also cause corrosion.

I.             Phenol or iodine

II.            Aluminum, Barium or calcium

III.           Any acid, Mercury or Potassium solution

8). Try your utmost not to sterilize stainless steel instruments with chrome plated brass instruments, as any break in chrome surface may cause pitting or rusty surface in instruments.

9). Muslin wraps should be rinsed sufficiently by the laundry, so that all chlorine bleach may remove, which can cause corrosion or rusting during autoclaving.

We hope that by acting on the above instructions, your problems relating to rusting, staining or pitting would abolish and the age of your instruments would increase.